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 The town lies at the heart of south-eastern Sicily, in the province of
Syracuse, on the Iblein mountains [hills] at the foot of the ancient
Akrai, founded by the Greeks around 664/663 B.C.
In the ancient Greek city Akrai, you can admire the urban settlement
dating back to the city founding, the Greek theater and the Bouleterion, the quarries known as Intagliata and Intagliatella, in whose walls are carved hundreds of early Christian tombs, on the Acropolis the remains of the temple of Aphrodite, and nearby, the "Santoni", rock sculptures on limestone, depicting the Goddess Cybele and gods of the Greek Pantheon. Modern Acreide Palazzolo, born from the ashes of the Greek polis, overlooks the Anapo Valley, where one can find the Sicilian necropolis of
Pantalica, the largest in the Mediterranean. In the historic center of Palazzolo one can admire the narrow streets, called rhonchi, palaces and Baroque churches, within which one can admire masterpieces such as Our Lady of Lovran in white marble (1474). The main town attraction is the Casa Museo di Antonino Uccello, housed in
a eighteenth-century palace. The museum recreates the typical household and work environments of the Sicilian people. Many cultural and religious events are held in Palazzolo every year.
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